The T-Cape School, or, more correctly Moose Brook School Sec 54, is a culmination of a dream. Heather Stephens always wanted a school house and when Keith Stephens gave the acreage next to his old mill in Tenecape, Hants County, Nova Scotia to Heather the dream began to take shape in reality. This is the story of T-Cape School.
Big news! We now have electrical power...1000 watts of free energy from the sun! How cool is that! No grid, no bills! Love it!

More Big News: House Crazy .com has featured the Schoolhouse in their April 2013 newsletter! Have a look!
Last things first. Here is the current school house as it looked in August 2011. Note the bell tower, solar shower, Dr Phil's fence and the new deck overlooking Tenecape Bay. Just a note here Tenecape can be spelled that way or Tennycape or Tennecape depending on whom you ask or consult.  The schoolhouse was originally located on Peggy's Cove Rd, in Moose Brook, a few miles from where it is now. It was moved to another location in Moose Brook in the early 60's and was run as a local general store by Curt and Roma White for many years. The store closed in the 90's and the building was used as storage. Curt and Roma generously gave the building to Heather and their son Malcolm was a major factor in the rebuilding.
 Here are some pictures of the school as it was when Heather acquired it:
The school was then jacked up and local "genius of everything practical" Prescott , "Pres", MacLelland facilitated getting the structure on a flatbed and spiriting it to its new location under cover of darkness. Following are some pictures of that effort. Keith Stephens, Mary Redden,Wade Redden, and local jack of all trades ( and master of most!) Cliffy Paterson toiled and planned the exodus of Moose Brook School.
The Move
It had some moments like this one where the whole thing nearly went upside down!